Friday, 13 April 2012

Friday, thank you very much

It's Friday today. Its been a short week with Easter Monday off, but it has still been a long week. Its Friday today. Thank God. It hasn't been overly busy this week, working on the sewer pump (yeah), and getting my brakes fixed on the little blue truck. The beautiful joys of being a home owner in the country.
I've done a few more curtains for the camper. I'm more than half done on that project and already thinking about starting my next project. Its really enjoyable to get my feet wet again in the sewing department. I've put off doing anything having to do with sewing, crafting or making until ALL the house renovations were done. So now I'm releasing myself to my creative flow.
Since I've started living with JT I've been after him to start a give away bag for all his extra clothes. He doesn't have just a few shirts or jeans here and there that don't fit anymore, he has bags and bags and bags of stuff that are currently sitting in the bottom of the closet. He won't consider parting with them. I suggested at one time that we should get a quilt made from all the T-shirt logos that he loves so much. He loved the idea. Or maybe it was his idea? Regardless, for the past couple years I've had it on my mind to find someone to take on this gigantic task. I would expect them to charge top dollar for their precious time so I've been putting it off knowing I would need some big gift like this in the future. Recently I've dusted off the ole' (new) sewing machine to take on the camper curtain project. I've got to thinking that there is no reason why I couldn't do some of it myself, at least start to cut up the shirts into squares and sew them into place.. How hard could that be? That would also in turn help to free up some of the space that the bags of T-shirts have been taking up in the closet. Good idea Ashley! Saving a few bucks, organizing and at the same time contribute to my new "be creative" obsession. I have to finish the curtains first though, we have to funkify the 1970's Prowler before camping season starts. Only a couple more weeks and we'll be packing up and heading out to the first race of the year with a full summer of weekends schedules right behind it.
Oh, I also wanted to report that I tried my hand at water color painting yesterday. I suck, of course, but it felt really great to start releasing some of the images I've had in my head onto paper. It's very exciting for me to realize that it is ok to be crafty, artzy or whatever you may call it after years of bottling it up and pretending that I wasn't. I'm not doing anything to sell or to show off to anyone, I'm doing this for me, and I like it. The picture below isn't something that I've done obviously, but its definitely something that I can capture in my mind to refer to and maybe even one day work toward doing myself.

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