Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Beginnings and Ends

Hello, it's me
Its been awhile, now I think its time to check in. In so many ways.

So its taken me a while to get my password and username straight after not logging in year for many years, as you can see by the last post date. But I am here now. My first intention was to get back onto this blogging idea I had so many years ago, with a new spin of course. I was going to change the name to something a little more catchy and related to my current state and give it a little make over. As I finally got the password to work, I jumped into changing that name but realized that name does in fact reflect the exact state that I am currently in, be it now in a different context. When I first started this blog in 2012, I was excited and overwhelmed as a new house and acreage owner. I wanted to tell the world how amazing my life was coming along, my great boyfriend at the time (now wonderful hubby), my chickens, my animals, my everyday craftyness, everything that got me running straight out of bed in the morning. At the time I wanted a cute fun name that reflected my love for local food, my everyday muses, and for good measure throw in there a geographical cue, living on our beautiful Creek. You know how it is, like every other blogger out there searching for that fitting name for themselves. All those good things and intentions was the meaning behind starting Fork In The Creek. But today, four years later, its turned into a different meaning. I am now at a Fork in the Creek, my own fork, my own creek. So the name stays. Hello from Fork In the Creek.
So here goes, I'm starting this journal following how I am on the journey of getting to the better place I know I should already be a little closer to finding. Finding my Zen, finding my balance, finding relief, finding, well, me.
Today should be my Day #1 of not drinking. Because yesterday was supposed to be my last day and today was supposed to be Day #1, cause you know, that's what I said. That's what I've said every morning for the past, hmmm I don't know actually, lets say going on multiple years. But today is my last day, I swear, it needs to be. So I'll carry on with my last bottle of wine that I've already purchased for after work tonight. Don't forget to include that single beer I purchased to get the party started. I will hate it, but feel so comforted at the same as I drink the entire thing. I won't feel as bad after the first couple, don't worry. As I pour the last drop late tonight, I will say to myself that its the last time (again). Tomorrow is my Day #1.
Please, let me have the power to make tomorrow my Day #1

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