Thursday, 8 March 2012

Brand New

So this is my first step in. I'm here, wading in the waters of the blog world. After countless hours of following my favorite blogs, I've realized that I have lots to share and talk about on my own. I don't have specific topics to speak on each and everyday. I dabble in this, I obsess over that. There seems to be a few items of interest that I keep going back to though. I can say I have a fairly green thumb. I'm learning more and more with every book that read and every seed that I plant. I like crafting things, but until recently I haven't really been set up to craft much, but oh how I've been thinking about it. I like to travel, here or there, just getting away on different adventures. Cooking seems to be an everyday adventure in itself. I have the feeling that this might be only the beginning of my cooking and baking career. Of course there is much, much more, which I intend to share with anyone who cares to listen. Seat belt is on, onward into the blogging adventure....

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