Thursday, 22 March 2012

What inspires? In short, EVERYTHING!

There is an an endless list of things that inspire me right now. My favorite line these days is "I can't believe someone can actually speak the words "I'm bored."" What a foreign concept. How can someone be "bored"?  when we've been given such endless opportunity to try and learn how to do new things, to challenge ourselves in every waking moment? We live in Canada people! Let alone try to get done the regular everyday 'to do's' and chore lists. Call it an addiction, call it having too much time on my hands, but searching, viewing pictures and reading about countless topics of things makes my heart soar with inspiration and energy! Projects that make me want to drive straight home to start right away, this very instant, help me make this work day end faster so I can get home! There are also things that I would love to try in the future and that I know would take time to start and set up. So instead of rambling on about a few topics, I'm going to collect a short (or sometimes long) list of what I'm currently diggin`. Lets be honest, my opinions, interests and attention span seems to change rapidly in this big wild world of ours.
So, without further audieu;
I'm loving~ Blogs! Hello brand new Fork In the Creek Blog!

I'm realizing~ There is creativity and energy inside me waiting to be released, I'm allowing it to start to shine through, quite the process I do say!

I'm Excited~ To find big chunky knits to decorate my place with.

I'm Dreaming~ of the day when I can start planning my big beautiful white tent wedding. Sssshhhh, don`t tell anyone...

But as for tonight, I will be organizing, wish me luck, this is a chore in itself....

Whatever you do today, with whomever you do it with, may it be grand!

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