Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Spring organizing, or just call me silly

The aftermath of major house renovations is organization. Everything, not just the rooms that you actually renovate, but every room and corner of the rest of the house as well. The concept is simple. When you need to start working in a room, you clear it out to than jam pack everything into other rooms, maybe to the point of kicking in the contents so they stay and shutting the door very quickly. When the lovely masterpiece which is called your Reno is finally complete, its time to pull and drag everything out of its temporary holding spots to finally put those pieces to their final resting place, or at least a permanent spot until you get sick of that and have to change everything around again.
I am hip deep in a mound of stuff. Taking the suggestion to purge purge purge. "Why keep things you don't even look at, need or use?" Mike (at work) claims. He is damn right. I'm getting rid of those odd items that for some reason I felt indebted to hold on to. Hopefully at the end of this beautiful day there will bags of clear bags of clothes to give away to good will, and boxes of items for the garage sale that we are going to have. Not to mention things in their places. Garage sale, that is news by the way, Jon proclaimed instead of giving things away, we should have a garage sale with his parents this summer. Good idea Jon!
When the organizing is done, and all the clothes are hung up in their new closet organizer, it will be just in time to start cleaning, than maybe decorating things how I want them. Not to mention starting some seeds by the end of March. Always something to do. I can't figure out for the life of my how people can say that they are bored? Bored, what is this word?

Just a quick pic of one side of the house before the siding was done. Reno pics to come soon, the great reveal!

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