Thursday, 15 March 2012

What's in a name?

Since we moved to our beautiful 30 acres four years ago this month, I've been constantly searching for that name, the right name. "Why do you need a name for this place?" Jon would ask as I bounced a few names at him such as J&A Farms, A&J Farms, or By the Creek Farms. This is our place, a special place, a place that needs to be defined as the greatness it is. It has to describe us, but yet tell its own story. He mentioned my name searching to his dad, well of course he would jump on the brain storming wagon to try to find the perfect name to describe the little escape that he spends so much of his time at. "What about Fork in the Creek?" he says one day. I'm not sure why, I dismissed this suggestion as an option, put it on the suggestion pile. It wasn't I don't know, Farm-y enough! I thought. But you really don't have a farm yet if that's what you were going for?
Frustrated, I figured no name for now. I would bring it up again at a different time. I put it in the "will get back to this" file.
Not until some time later, until probably just recently jumping into the blog world, did the topic arise again, I needed some beautiful name to describe what we have, what we are over here just east of highway #212.
Fork in the Creek. Hmmm.....
Geographically correct, yes.
Fork, best  used in food situations and directly related to our lives, and best describes what I love to with with on a consistant basis. Something that follows me where ever I go, what ever I do. Food
To top it off, we are constantly connected in one way or another with the creek.We watch it going up, we watch it going down, we  Half the time that we are canoeing across it when our driveway floods, but another story for another time.
By golly, I think we have a name!

Hence forth, we are now Fork in the Creek!

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