Friday, 9 March 2012

To go or not to go, that is the question

Should we stay home and chill out this weekend? We've been go go go since I don't know when. We are well overdue for a weekend of not going anywhere, doing stuff around the place and just not planning a damn thing. OR we can go on the last sled trip of the year? Jump on the sleds and head out to Jen and Gerry's cabin to hang out with them and come back tomorrow morning? It's supposed to be +16 next week, say goodbye to the snow and my first season of snowmobiling. No, Yes, No, Yes. Totally on the fence. After getting an email from Jen this morning saying that Gerry will be off work by five thirty and they will be out to the cabin by 8 at least to catch the Jets game, well how can we not go? So yes, we are in for the last winter adventure of the year. Going for a massage (heaven) right after work, than heading home to pack up some stuff to stay over night. Now I'm super excited. Such is life I guess...

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